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Comfortable and Carefree Living

South Country Village is a multifaceted Christian-based senior’s community that is focused on building a space where each resident’s holistic health and wellness needs can be met. Our organization was built on the belief that everyone is deserving of care regardless of age, race or religious beliefs.

Conveniently located across the street from the Medicine Hat Regional Airport, and with easy access to Trans Canada Highway, Highway #3, and the United States border, South Country Village is a traveler’s delight. You can pack your bags knowing that your home will be taken care of when you are away.

South Country Village was one of the first facilities in Southern Alberta to provide comprehensive care for the aging population. Today approximately 350 residents consider South Country Village home and have access to a wide variety of services and amenities. Each of our campus buildings has unique amenities that match the lifestyles of its residents. Residents can enjoy a full schedule of social activities. Many of our activities encourage residents to socialize and develop friendships

Originally built as an army barrack during World War II the building became available in 1946 from the Royal Canadian Air Force. When the site became available concerned members of the community came together and pooled their resources to obtain the property and additional surrounding properties over the years to what we now know as South Country Village. The founding members of South Country Village came together with a desire to provide care and support for aging individuals in the community.


Accreditation is a formal process to determine if a business, group or organization meets established quality standards within their industry.  In health care, organizations like ours are assessed to ensure that they are resident 3rdxfocused and have the appropriate processes in place to ensure residents are our number one priority. When families are looking for care, there are many factors to consider.  Choosing a community that has accreditation status helps to make this important decision much easier. 

South Country Village is proud to partner with the Commission on Accreditation for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) to gain our own accreditation status and demonstrate our commitment to high-quality, resident-centered care. 


At South Country Village, we want to make each resident’s daily life as pleasurable and fulfilling as possible. Our recreational staff works to create experiences that reflect a resident’s lived experiences. They also work to provide leisure opportunities that support a rich and meaningful life. Based on the chosen living option, residents could have access to a wide assortment of amenities and activities including:

  • A variety of floor plans and suite designs
  • Underground parking
  • Gas station on site with convenience store
  • Theatre, fitness and games rooms
  • On-site pastoral care
  • Weekly spiritual services
  • Resident and Family Council meetings
  • 24-hour emergency medical monitoring system
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Three nutritionally balanced meals with snacks
  • Recreational activities and seasonal outdoor events
  • Beauty Salon
  • Fully equipped carpentry workshop
  • RV Parking
  • Tuck Shop
  • Access to skilled nursing staff and licensed allied health partners
  • Case Management services
  • Support with personal grooming, medication management, transfers and mobility assistance
  • In-suite cable, internet and telephone services
  • On-site laundry services
  • On-site medical support

Based in the Heritage Centre, the Adult Day Program is welcome to community members and South Country Village residents. The Heritage Centre invites you to join a multitude of fun activities including:

  • Exercises
  • Crafts
  • Games
  • Baking
  • Library
  • Gardening
  • Entertainment
  • Guest Speakers
  • Lunch and Snacks

Heritage Centre is has worked hard and is proud of the environment it has designed that is both relaxing and stimulating. The area accommodates the following:

  • Recreational space
  • Handicrafts
  • Full-service kitchen for baking and cooking activities
  • Dining room
  • Library
  • Quiet area
  • V./Video lounger
  • Game area

Adult Day Support provides support to individuals so that they may remain in the community as long as possible”.

Mission Statement:
Enhancing the lives of those we touch with care, dignity and friendship.


  • To provide health maintenance and monitoring
  • To offer a stimulating environment that will increase and/or maintain physical, social and cognitive functioning
  • To give caregivers relief during the day
  • To provide education and one-to-one counseling for clients and caregivers

Who would benefit from the program?

  • Individuals who require a structured leisure environment
  • Caregivers who need relief from the responsibility of caring
  • Individuals who require physical maintenance or monitoring
  • Individuals who require supervision and/or special adaptations in order to participate in leisure activities

Heritage Centre Hours of Operation:
Days: Monday to Friday
Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
(Closed on Statutory Holidays)

South Country Village
1720 Bell Street S.W.
Medicine Hat, Alberta

The cost to attend the program is $15.50 per day + meals ($12.00). You are welcome to bring your own lunch if you choose or enjoy our daily lunch special.
Half Day option available from 9:00am-12:00pm for $7.75.
We also offer a Drop-in for exercise for $5.00.
We offer a First Day FREE trial to ensure our program is the right fit.

Referral Procedure:
Referrals for the Heritage Centre “Adult Day Support Program” are accepted from individuals family members, physicians, health professionals, agencies, Home Care Central Assessment and Placement Services, hospitals, social workers and churches.

The Recreational Therapist of the program will arrange a pre-admission interview and assessment to determine if the program can meet the needs of the individual.

Admission Criteria:

  • Absence of aggressive behaviours
  • Does not require intense medical treatment
  • Does not require intense rehabilitations
  • Must be able to feed self with minimal assistance

How to Sign Up:
If you are interested in our Adult Day Program, please complete the Application for Heritage Centre Adult Day Program. Once your application is complete you can either email rec.scv@shawbiz.ca or call our Recreation Team at 403-526-2002 Ext 318.

Please note applications are only needed for first-time participants to place on file for safety and health care purposes.

Our on-site Chaplain is available to support the spiritual and emotional needs of our residents and staff members.   Pastoral services are offered during services, informal conversations and by request from residents, team members, and family members for private meetings or services. Our Chaplain is a vital part of our team and adds to South Country Villages’ belief in providing Christian-based holistic care to all its Community Members.

“Those who are planted in the Lord’s house will blossom in God’s courtyards; even when they are older they will still bear fruit.”- Psalm 92:13-14

Sunday Services:
Two options are available:

1) Day: Sundays
Time: 10:00 am (for residents only due to COVID)
Location: Wuerfel Auditorium

 2) Day: Sundays
Time: 11:15 am
Location: Heritage Heights in the activity room
All outside community members are welcome to join.

The hopes are once COVID dissipates that we can all come together as one congregation both residents and the community however to ensure the safety of our residents we are required to host separate services at this time.

Chapel: Tuesday night chapel is held every Tuesday at 6:30 pm. Come and join hymn sing and chapel services. At this point in time, this service is for residents only and not outside community members due to COVID.

 Hymn Sing: This uplifting time is scheduled weekly and delivered on different units of the facility to our residents to encourage them in scripture and song.

 Meal Time Prayers: Our Chaplain completes morning rounds to visit our residents and share encouraging words and prayers in every area of our facility.

 Hospital Visits: Our Chaplain is always available to visit off-site residents who would like to be provided prayer and encouragement. Our Chaplain can be contacted through family and friends at the below contact information.

 Funerals at Request: Our Chaplain is available during your time of need when a loved one is in palliative care. They are available for family visitation and encouragement and as well as to provide funeral services for those who request their services.

 Bible studies: Come and enjoy, listen and interact with the teachings of the bible, as we study scriptures and review the interpretation and meaning of God behind these scriptures.

 Counselling for Residents: Our Chaplain is always welcome to conversation and to provide encouraging words and prayers to our residents and their families. Counselling can be through casual passing or by individual request as well.

Counselling for Team Members: Our Chaplain is always accessible and they walk the floor to meet and greet our team members and provide uplifting and encouraging words. Our Chaplain prides themselves in welcoming team members and being a sounding board if they are ever in need. Our Chaplain is available for grief counselling if a team member is having a difficult time with the passing of a resident or even to discuss personal matters in confidentiality.

Bible Studies: Studies are held in Heritage Centre and hosted during various times throughout the week in collaboration with the Recreation Team. Please view the recreational team’s calendar for scheduled bible studies dates and times.

 “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever”- Walt Disney

“The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person” -Andy Rooney


Contact Information:
Murray Jaster
Office Phone: (403) 526-2002 Ext 212
Email: chaplain.scv@shaw.ca

South Country Village participates in bi-monthly Resident Council meetings with families and residents to provide an opportunity for open communication and feedback into the care of its residents.

Meetings are held on the third and last Thursday of every other month, starting at 10:30am on January, March, May, September & November. During the summer (June-August) no meetings are held. Facilitation and secretarial support for the Resident Council meetings is provided by the Therapeutic Recreation Program.

The purpose of a resident and family council are:

  • To provide a forum for the residents and their families to discuss ways of maintaining and enhancing the resident’s quality of life in the residential facility.
  • To provide a forum for the residents and their families to discuss matters relating to their residence in the residential facility, including any requests or concerns and proposed solutions to a facility representative or the operator.
  • To provide opportunities for the residents and their families to develop and participate in projects for the resident’s benefit
  • To provide a network of support and encouragement for the residents and their families.
  • Any other purposes provided for in the regulations of the Act.

Residents, family members of residents, volunteers and team members shall be welcome to attend the meetings. Only residents and family members shall have voting privileges at the annual general meeting and special meetings as called by the chair.

  • A resident may identify one or more relative, friends, guardian or caregiver to be considered as the resident’s family for the purpose of the Act
  • No person shall receive any remuneration for acting as a member of a resident and family council
  • Subject to this section, a resident and family council may determine its own governance structure and procedures.

Notice of Meetings:
Information posters can be found on communication bulletin boards indicating the date, time, and place of the next meeting. A sign-up sheet for phone numbers and names to notify interested family members is located in the Recreational Department. The Recreational Department will provide reminder emails before the meeting. If you would like to add your name to the email reminder list, please contact the Recreational Department at (403) 526-2002 Ext 318 or rec.scv@shawbiz.ca.

Most Recent Meeting Minutes:
In case you were unable to attend the most recent Resident Council Meetings here are the minutes updated below:

Sunnyside Care Centre Resident & Family Council Meeting Minutes (comming soon)

Haven Centre Resident & Family Council Meeting Minutes (comming soon)

Concerns or Requests:
If a resident, family member, volunteer or staff member has a concern and was unable to address it at the most recent Resident & Family Care Council meeting(s), you can complete the below form and submit it to rec.scv@shawbiz.ca to have your concern or request addressed.

Additional Information:
If you have questions in relation to the Resident & Family Care Council(s), feel free to reach out to our Therapeutic Recreational Department at 403-527-3838 Ext 318 or rec.scv@shawbiz.ca.


For many residents of South Country Village, health and wellness services are only a phone call away. Residents living in Designated Supportive Living and Long-Term Care suites have access to physicians who do weekly medical rounds and will provide as-needed support or consultation. If you need to leave the community to attend a medical appointment, our staff will work with you to secure a City Transit account and book transportation for these outings. Residents living in assisted living or an independent suite can welcome their practitioners into their homes as they see necessary.

All residents have access to daily scheduled program of fun games and activities through our Therapeutic Recreational Department. Our onsite Chaplain as well is available to provide uplifting words and prayer and can be requested privately for counseling and other pastoral services.

All residents have access to either private or communal dining areas.  A Registered Dietician reviews all menu items to ensure meals are nutritious and reflect appropriate nutritional necessities.

We deliver a seasonally selected summer and winter menu that is rotated for the residents’ cuisine delight. Residents have the option to select from different alternatives when it comes to Breakfast, Lunch and Supper. In addition, our health care team provides nutritionally balanced snacks and treats three times a day. If you want a little bit more or a little bit less of something, our warm and friendly staff can make sure you have a pleasurable dining experience.

On site maintenance and support provide care free living and assistance to our residents. Our friendly maintenance and support teams are available to ensure your housekeeping, laundry and maintenance needs are met.