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Heritage Heights

Heritage Heights

Built-in 2012, Heritage Heights is the newest “green” addition to the South Country Village community. Our modern design boasts geothermal exchange and photovoltaics energy sources that promote energy efficiencies.

Heritage Heights supports residents who want to maintain their privacy and independence while still having access to condo-style features and amenities. Because this is your own home, you can tailor the space to reflect your personal style. Choosing Heritage Heights is a great option for those aged 50+ who want luxury living without the responsibilities associated with traditional home-ownership.

Heritage Heights is a 40-suite, self-contained building that provides residents with convenience and independent living.  Each suite is self-contained and includes 1-2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and an outside deck.  For those residents who require scheduled support with personal grooming activities, Home Care collaborates with the resident to satisfy any unmet needs. 

Whether your stay at South Country Village is long or short, we have the suite for you!  Residents can explore different leasing options as they look to find their new home.  When a suite is available, occupancy can occur within a few days, and our maintenance team can even help with some of the heavy lifting.  Each of the living option choices found at South Country Village boasts unique features and access to amenities that are sure to appeal to everyone. 

Heritage Heights is a Life Lease Community in which South Country Village retains ownership of the structure and residents purchase the ability to occupy the suite for their lifetime or until they choose to end the agreement.  This type of contract allows residents to have a stake in the community, without the worry and hassle that goes along with traditional home-ownership or rental accommodations.  When you decide to sell, you will have peace of mind knowing that your investment is secure and not subject to the current market fluctuations.  This hassle-free option is further proof that Heritage Heights is a great choice for active adults.

Life Lease housing is for 50+ adults who are able to live independently. Life Lease housing is usually developed and operated by non-profit or charitable organizations. In Life Lease housing, the buyer purchases the right to occupy a suite for a long period of time, often for their lifetime.

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