Long-Term Care & Dementia Care

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Long-Term Care & Dementia Care


Long Term Care (LTC) is designed for seniors with complex health needs who require ongoing care and are unable to live independently.  Professional health care staff work with the resident, families and community partners to support a resident’s optimal level of health and wellness. South Country Village also has memory care for those residents who are experiencing various types of memory loss.  Dementia Care is a great option for those adults who have memory issues or are at risk of injury without ongoing support and focused attention.

LTC suites are designed specifically for residents with complex and unpredictable medical needs.  An onsite Registered Nurse (RN) provides 24-hour care through assessment, monitoring and treatment.  All services are supported by an interdisciplinary team of health care professionals who participate with the resident and their families in care planning activities.  South Country Village also offers secure LTC options for those residents are at risk of wandering due to changes in their memory.

“The Recreational Therapist and Aides have been working hard every day to make sure the lives of the residents are affected as little as possible by COVID by making sure the residents feel safe at home in the facility. They help to keep the residents in touch with their families in the outside world. Some of the residents haven’t had the chance to see their families face to face in over a year and this team makes sure the residents have access to essential items. As well, they help to keep the residents engaged in activities and social programs with protocols in place. This team is truly the backbone by making sure residents are happy and stay healthy physically and mentally with programs and activities while living at home in the facility.”





If you would like more information about our Long-Term Care suites, please contact our Client Services Manager for more details and options.


Trish Deringer, RN
Client Services Manager

Office: (403) 526-2002, ext 209
Email: trish.scv@shaw.ca